Prenatal Coaching Giveaway 

In light of the current social distancing imposed on us due to COVID-19, we are giving the birth workers community free access to lesson #4 of the Birth Support Coaching Course:
‘Prenatal Coaching’. We hope that it will help you as you keep providing valuable and necessary support for expectant individuals through online communication platforms (Facetime, Zoom, etc.)

Birth Coach Method teaches birth professionals how to integrate established coaching principles and strategies into birth support in order to lead the best birthing experiences available for your clients. The coaching strategies we teach will allow you to lead powerful and engaging prenatal conversations that:

  • Establish rapport and position yourself as an attentive and trustworthy leader 
  • Facilitate clarity around your client's belief system and desired birth process  
  • Increase your client's confidence and reduce fears and resistance
  • Help your client set tangible goals and identify the steps toward achieving them  
  • Align your client's beliefs with their wishes and actions 
  • Elicit your client's accountability for their journey
  • Utilize your client's areas of strength  

Birth Coach Method's approach to coaching expectant individuals and their families is built around the five 'C's: clarity, confidence, conviction, commitment, and (in) charge. 

The Birth Support Coach certificate course consists of 8 online lessons and 8 Zoom meetings. Approved CEUs for all birth support professionals (13.5)


What Students Are Saying About the Course 

"I can hardly believe I’ve been a doula for as long as I have without using this method. The Birth Coach Method has given me the tools to really get at the heart of what my clients truly want and the tools to help them manifest the experience they desire... There was a disconnect between what my clients were telling me they wanted and the choices they ultimately made in regard to their birth experience. This method has helped me better understand, connect with, and empower my clients to align what they believe with what they want and ultimately lead them to achieve those goals."

Laura Browning, USA 

"This course transformed me as a person. I use coaching questions with my children, with my husband, with my friends, with my clients. I realized I am a person that I impose a lot of what has worked for me to others, especially in my birth experiences. I realized that I was wrong. People know what is best for them and they don’t want me to tell them what to do. Instead, they need someone to coach them in the direction they wish to go, listen to them, and be interested in them."

Dimitra Tsagkaraki, Cypress

"I can see clearly now that my doula clients get in tune with their own inner wisdom when I ask them questions instead of giving suggestions. It is so beautiful to see how empowering that is for the woman; that she carries the answer inside of her. Even though I know a lot about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, she is still the one who knows her body, her values and her baby best. I love that I can support her in making decisions that align with her heart, instead of just telling her what I think is best to do."

Christine Olsen, Sweden